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As part of the local links we have established; we are proud to share the fantastic work that has been produced. Firstly, at Onslow St Audrey's school in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, we were tasked with creating a large 27ft tree 'sculpture' that would encompass every student in the school. Therefore we constructed a large copper pipe and attached branches. 600 wooden leaves were then lasercut and each student decorated a leaf and marked with their names. Each branch was a yeargroup and every drop was a tutor group. The top of the tree held the oldest students and the youngest and staff were at the bottom. 


A more recent project with Morgans Primary School in Hertford was to produce 600 birds. Each children will decorate and they will then be suspended from the ceiling in the school hall. I have also created a number of laser cut wooden fruits to decorate their dining hall which is one of my favourite projects I have done. So simple yet so effective!